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Our manufacturing unit at Hadapsar has facilities like CNC machining centres, conventional and special purpose machines like Hoffler, MAAG, Reischauer, Taylor Hobson and Schiess Kopp which are used for gear teeth grinding, hobbing, copy milling, surface finishing and profile inspection. It also includes well laid down quality control procedures, research and development, integrated computer system, support shops like pattern shop, foundry, heat treatment etc.

Case Carburised, hardened and profile ground Helical and Spur traction gears and Pinions are also manufactured for heavy duty applications like ACIDC electric locomotives for passenger and goods, traffic electric multiple units etc.

Module: 0.5 to 25

Face Width: Upto 495 mm

Gear Diameter: Upto 1800 mm

No. of teeth: 10 to 260

Gear Grinding to: DIN- class- I

Helix Angle: Upto 45 Degree

User Application Sector: Transport

User Sub Sector: Electric / Diesel Electric locomotives

Industry Sector: Rail Transport

Application Areas: Rail Traction

Product Category: Traction Gears and Pinions


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