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As providers of future-ready solutions, we impact a wide range of industries from different sectors

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Unleashing potential across sectors.

Our products are used in a vast range of industries. After all, compressed air is potential energy. And as a company that’s always looking to unleash potential, we’re in the right industry. We are relied upon in industries as varied as steel and sugar, fertilizer and denim, cars and meat processing. Because when you constantly strive for lateral thinking, innovative solutions and an integrity-based approach, you’re definitely going to be integral to whole host of industries, no matter how varied.

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Automotive Engineering

At KPCL we’ve always believed in powering forward into the future, quite literally in the case of the automobile industry. Our impact on the automobile industry is a point of pride for us


We have always focused on weaving together the present so as to better prepare for the future. We supply compressed air application to the textile industry

Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals

Helping drug makers manufacture life-saving drugs is one of the most fulfilling applications of our technology. The pharmaceuticals industry requires a sophisticated design

Marine and Fisheries

Ice Plants in fisheries are run around the clock. As our compressors are air-cooled and require minimal maintenance, we are the preferred supplier when it comes to these ice plants

Oil & Gas

Our products are used in a wide variety of ways in the oil and gas industry. From powering the pneumatic tools used, to pipeline transportation, to helping with petroleum refining, petrochemical synthesis and gas injection



Compressed air is a widely used utility in a steel plant. It is an important source of instrument air. Other than instrumentation air which is completely dry and free from contaminants

Food and Beverage Processing

The Cold Chain industry serves the onion, potato & chilli market. The preferred choice here is a Single Stage Air Cooled compressor. These compressors have been the primary choice as they have a low cost of ownership