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Service is an essential tool to any machine and KPCL’s reciprocating range of compressors are no different to this need. The need for a planned maintenance schedule is not only a must for an efficient running of the equipment but for the business on the whole. To give you a simple example an ice plant runs purely on the capability of our KCX compressor being able to perform round the clock. If maintained well by following all relevant protocol for preventive maintenance then we have a machine that can stand the test of time. To ensure that we have a well primed machine we do have the following observation for you to consider:
1)    Annual Health Check Up
2)    Compressor Inspection
3)    Overhauling of Compressor 
4)    Extended Warranty
Our extended service network, the largest in India gives you the options to reach out to any of our service dealers in your region and schedule your required service.  
The Vapour absorption compressors are a growing product range within KPCL and are now slowly but surely leaving a mark around India. These machines require a calculated process and protocol to be followed for service. These machines are currently serviced out of our regional offices and have dedicated service team operating out of each region handling commissioning and service. Detailed service call charts are provided to customers depending on hours of running or days after commissioning. 
The projects division of ACR requires a more calculated plan and service is offered through a contract for spares for 2 years and agreed upon at order confirmation for the entire project. Since the projects use Howden Compressors, their spares are handled through the compressor manufacturer and can be procured through the sales staff of the project.