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Whatever be the requirement, we provide our expertise, complete from selection of refrigerant, load & system design, facility design, operation and maintenance, ensuring the best in class safety and quality standards.

Process Refrigeration covers following market segments:

Cold Storages

Food and Beverage



Meat & Poultry Processing

Frozen fruits & vegetables processing


Ice-cream factories

The purpose of refrigeration is to maintain or extend product life and protect food quality from microbiological deterioration by providing timely process & accurate temperature control.

Refrigeration systems for cold storage are applied in processing, manufacturing and warehousing food, biomedical materials, ice manufacture and other perishable goods. Refrigerated systems provide lower temperatures than comfort air conditioning systems. The design, selection and construction of a refrigeration system are different and can be highly complex than that for a comfort air conditioning system. For this reason, KPCL has evolved a distinct specialty of industrial and process refrigeration.


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