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Kirloskar at the Heart of Industrial Refrigeration.

KPCL's reciprocating compressor range includes KCX (Air Cooled), PCX (Air Cooled) Series of Compressors, used in various applications of AC & R.

KPCL has 60+ years of experience in Compressor manufacturing for Refrigeration. Kirloskar is a leading manufacturer in the world. The reciprocating range of refrigeration compressors has wide applications in the area of industrial refrigeration which includes food & beverage processing and preservation like Fruits & Vegetable cold storages, Dairies, Ice cream, Breweries, Beverages, Ice plants, Meat Processing, Fish Processing, and process refrigeration which includes pharmaceuticals, chemicals etc. These ranges also cater to HVAC applications including water chilling etc.

Market Leader for Last 40+ Years in Industrial Refrigeration application:

Superior COP(Coefficient of Performance) values at full and part load operation, modest capital investment and low maintenance cost are some of the Key benefits of KPCL's refrigeration compressor that makes it the first choice of customer.

These Compressors are suitable for use with variety of refrigerant including R-717 (NH3), R-22 and other HFC's.

Marine Systems

Our products and services for Marine Systems comprises total end to end solutions. For HVAC&R you can rely on us for everything over the ship’s life cycle

System Engineering and design

  • HVAC design calculations
  • Air balancing calculations
  • P&I drawings
  • Air distribution schematic
  • Equipment layout drawings
  • Approval by classification society

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