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The company’s Transmission Division has state of the art Gear manufacturing facilities consisting of CNC Machining and Turning Centres, special purpose machines like, HOFLER Gear hobbing & grinding machines, In-house heat treatment furnaces which contribute to enhanced molecular structure of gear.

KPCL has established strong presence in :

  • Power Industry - Gearboxes for Steam Turbines, Wind Turbine and Hydro Turbines
  • Steel Industry - Gearboxes for Pinion Stands, Roughing Mills, Ladle Tilters, Sizing Mills & other applications.
  • Sugar Industry - Gearboxes for Mill Drive - Planetary & Helical Gearboxes, Conveyor Gearboxes, High speed Gearboxes for CO-GEN power plants.
  • Cement & Minerals Industry - Ball Mill & Kiln Drive Packages, Conveyor Gearboxes
  • Rubber Industry - Banbury Mixer drive Gearboxes, Extruder Gearboxes.
  • Plastic Industry - Extruder Gearboxes.
  • Paper Industry - Mixers Drive & Calendar Application gearboxes.
  • Material Handling Industry - Gearboxes for Stacker Reclaimer, Heavy Capacity Hoists, Bulk Material Conveyors, Apron Feeders & Elevators.
  • Marine  -  Drive propulsion Gear boxes.
  • Railway - Turbo Transmissions for Locomotives & Axel Drive power packs.
  • Open Gears, Segment Gears and High Precision Double Helical Gears.
  • Refurbishment - Import / other make Gearbox substitution as drop in solutions.

Today with more than 5 decades of experience in gear manufacturing, KPCL remains the leading solution provider for challenges in the field of Power Transmission. Powered by skilled and trained task force and high tech infrastructure KPCL remains in the league of its own when it comes to creating Power Transmission Solutions.

The salient features of KPCL gearboxes include:

  • Design, manufacturing and testing as per AGMA and API standards (with latest versions).
  • KPCL takes pride in achieving fully indigenized Gearbox for 50 MW for Power generation.
  • Grinding finish up to DIN CLASS 3/4 for High Speed Gearboxes & DIN CLASS 5/6 for Low Speed Gearboxes.
  • Successfully developed Journal bearings in-house with infinite life used.
  • Antifriction Bearings are sourced from reputed manufacturers - SKF, FAG, TIMKEN etc.
  • For High speed Gearboxes - Double helical gearing results in no thrust generation from the gearbox & with subsequently no thrust bearing on either rotor.
  • Energy efficient Gearboxes.
  • Noise level equal to or less than 85-88 db(A) achieved.
  • Non-contact type vibration values of the rotors lower than the designed values are achievable because of the precise manufacturing processes.
  • Less Noise and Vibration due to inbuilt accuracy of gear.


Customized engineering and special manufacturing facilities involving high precision gear grinding machine.

  • In-house capability of SCADA controlled Heat treatment facility for Diameters up to 1500 mm & weight 3 Tons.
  • Gear Cutting for single & double helix capacity up to 2500 mm for Internal & External Gears.
  • Gear Grinding for single & double helix capacity up to 2500 mm for Internal & External Gears.
  • Precise Grinding Machines housed in temperature & humidity controlled environment.
  • Fully equipped Machining centers capable to handle jobs up to 5000 mm size.
  • Co-ordinate measuring machine with capacity - 4000 X 2500 X 1500 mm
  • Overhead cranes equipped to handle components / Gearboxes up to 40 Tons.
  • Gearbox Load test beds equipped up to 1 MW range.
  • No Load test infrastructure in place for gearboxes up to 50 MW range & Input RPM up to 12000 rpm.
  • Clean room facility for high precision assemblies.
  • Dedicated captive power for Test beds & Heat treatment.
  • In-house foundry for CI & AL castings used in KPCL gearboxes.

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